Moon Gazing Hare Lariat Necklace


Moon Gazing Hare Lariat Necklace

Made in solid, hallmarked Sterling Silver

Designed and created by Victoria Jane


Moon Gazing Hare Lariat Necklace

Inspired by traditional design, this Moon Gazing Hare Lariat Necklace is based on a beautiful and ancient good luck symbol. Crafted and hand finished in solid, hallmarked Sterling Silver and completed with a lovely weight of chain, this necklace can be worn and loved every day.

Simply thread your Moon Gazing Hare through the ‘full moon’ after draping the chain is around your neck, to complete the full circle of your necklet and your Hare will ‘gaze’ upwards, to offer strength and protection to the wearer.

For centuries, many people have believed that the Hare symbolises very positive energies, such as growth, fertility, re-birth and good luck. The spiral on the Hare’s hindquarters, is said to represent the continued cycle of life and death. It is also suggested that the Hare is symbolic of our relationship with the land and represents our spiritual need and desire to be in harmony with our natural environment.

If you catch sight of a Hare, particularly a Moon Gazing one, it is believed that you will be blessed with good luck and fortune. Queen Boudicca is said to have prayed to a Hare Goddess before she would go to battle with the Romans, to give her strength, luck and protection.

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9ct Rose Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver


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