Victoria Jane – Designer, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Artist

“I have always loved jewellery. Such a personal thing that we wear so publicly. It can reveal much about the wearer and still keep secrets too. It speaks volumes about our relationships, our tastes, our experiences and our history, but also encompasses love, passion and intention.”

Jewellery fascinates me and has done from a very young age. Trying on my mother’s rings and playing ‘dress-up’ with my grandmothers basket full of costume goodies. As I grew up, then looking at how it was made, its component parts and listening to the stories behind each piece. Discovering why and where it was bought and by whom. I found it so very exciting and inspiring and this started a passion for jewellery that has flourished and grown into a full time business for me.

Jewellery marks our marital status, our children, our achievements and the memory of loved ones. It shows love, compassion and the passage of time. It can also make you feel like a million dollars!

I’m always excited to embark on a new piece. Whether it’s a new design for my collections or a private commission for a customer, the thrill is always there – to create something that will be loved, treasured and enjoyed.

Training and Work

As a girl, I loved making, designing and repairing things, from paintings to cars. Metal work was a special interest. In 1989, after finishing art college, I embarked on a 5 year Jewellery Apprenticeship with two local university trained jewellers. It was a traditional and exciting start to a rewarding, lifelong passion and career.

I was fortunate to have my training as an apprentice with some very talented jewellers, right here in my home county of Norfolk. I had the chance to learn all fields of  jewellery work from designing, model making and casting, to all aspects of repairs and stone setting too. To be able to make a piece from start to finish is very satisfying. It also enables the customer to follow the progress of their piece – seeing it at all stages of development.

After completing my apprenticeship, I worked with David Auker for two years in Kings Lynn, before opening my own, very successful workshop in Norwich. I undertook private commissions and worked for 10 different jewellery shops across the county.

I took a break from being a jeweller, full time, a little while ago to raise a family and pursue other commitments, but continued to make pieces for regular customers, family and friends. I am now very pleased to announce that in 2019, I took on a new workshop premises in the historic market town of Wymondham and am now building back up to full time designing, making and repairing again. It’s all very exciting and I’m so happy to be continuing my jewellery making journey.

The desire to design and create jewellery has never diminished and the collections available in the web shop are the result of years of creative influence, ideas and designs.


My inspiration comes from shapes and textures I see around me every day. Norfolk is a beautiful county to live in. A wonderful coastline and the fabulous, undulating countryside makes a perfect, energised environment for an artist. I also take influence from the Art Nouveau Style, with it’s sweeping curves, shaped by nature. I’m always looking for new ideas and carry a small sketch book and pencil with me where ever I go.

You can buy my hand crafted pieces here in my web shop, you can contact me to make an appointment to visit and view, or make a time to discuss your own personal design

I hope you love wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoy making it!