Vintage Recreation and Rejuvenation

Making your precious pieces beautiful again

One of my jewellery specialities is vintage recreation and rejuvenation – taking old, damaged and inherited jewellery and recreating it into a wonderful new piece or pieces of stunning jewellery that you will love to wear.

We all have them – the jewellery boxes with items lurking in the bottom that you never wear but can’t bear to part with. It could be something old, that is too damaged to repair, an inherited piece that you would never wear but is too sentimental to sell on or give away or just a collection of odd earrings and broken chains – their partners long gone or not worth repairing. What a waste!

Jewellery is meant to be loved, seen and worn. Let me remedy this situation for you, by taking all your old precious jewellery and making something shiny and new that you will be proud to put on.

Keep the sentimental essence of that jewellery by reusing the metal and stones to create a new future heirloom for yourself and the generations to come. Tell the story of where the pieces came from and who they belonged to and proudly show the world what they mean to you.

Please contact me for more information and to get inspired to rejuvenate your jewellery box

Vintage recreation jewellery